Ypsi Librarians Gathering

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Hey ya’ll, this past Friday (9/20) was the first Ypsi Librarians Gathering at the Frog Island Little Free Library (LFL).  The following are notes from the gathering: we will be meeting at our usual meeting time Thursday 7:30 @128 College Pl. where will take next steps to repairing and planning new free libraries in our community!


Restoration for the Frog Island LFL
  • NEW DOOR!!! plexi glass?  Wood?  Hinges?  Latch?
  • New sides!  Color wood nailed to sides!
  • compartmental revamping
  • raising the base by platform
  • more permanent intent and use explination posting
  • colors
  • mapped out library circuit

Building the Commune Free Library

  • visioning/ resource gathering

Library cohesion

  • Mapped out library circut
  • Open forum on the wordpress

Peace&love everyone, happy fall.