Our Farmers Market Friends

In order to provide a free lunch during the Do It Yourself Festival, the Free Skool reached out to farmers at the Ypsilanti Farmers market for donations. Several farmers were kind enough to donate produce to us for the event.  Everything was excellent and we can’t thank them enough!  The following week we went back to the market and found out a little information about these farms to share with you all.

Farm:Bridgewater Barns     Location: Bridgewater, MI     Peeps: Tony and Janet   Practices: Organic, not certified  Markets: Tuesday/ Saturday  They say: organic certification is expensive! Look forward to our greens, kale and chard!  We say: Buy one of the hats tony’s mom’s knitting group made while supplies last!!

Farm: Good Medicine Farm    Location: Milan, Mi      Peeps: Norris    Practices: No Spray    Markets: Tuesday/Saturday  They say: Look forward to our green beans, collard and mustard greens and potatoes

Farm: Snick Farms      Location: Jonesville, MI     Peeps:Cauley and Seraina     Practices: Certified organic     Markets: Tuesdays    They say: look forward to our squash!

Farm: Valley Family Farm    Location: Milan, MI     Peeps: Farmer Ken  Practices: Organic, not certified     Markets: Tuesday/Saturday  They say: we specialize in hot peppers, look forward to our onions and celery root.

Farm: Growing Hope    Location: Ypsilanti, MI (922 W. Michigan)    Peeps: Jared   Practices: Organic, not certified and Biodynamic practices     Markets: tuseday/saturday  They say: salad mix is our specialty, enjoy some of our produce at several local businesses

Farm:Capella farm    Location: Ann Arbor, MI    Peeps: Germain      Practices: Organic, not certified      Markets: Tuesday/saturday   They say: Catch us at the winter market because winter production is our specialty!

Market Locations/ Times

Tuesdays, 2-6pm, Ferris street between adams and hamilton

Saturdays, 9-12pm, Depot town by the freight house

The outdoor markets run until november but you can catch some of these farmers at the winter market from november thru december while we look forward to the outdoor markets starting up in May.


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