Kombucha Class, brewing follow-up

Kombucha Ingredients

8 cups of water
2-4 teabags of black tea
1-2 cups sugar
1/2 cup starter tea (from last batch of kombucha)
1 scoby or scoby piece

1. Make the tea and add sugar. Let the tea over steep to create more tannins
2. Wait for tea to cool completely
3. Take out the tea bags
4. Pour 1/2 cup of starter tea from the last batch into a new jar. Add the freshly brewed (and cooled!) tea. You will now have two jars – what’s left of the last batch, and a new one.
5. Add the scoby. It’s okay if it sinks.
6. Cover with a paper towel and rubberband, wait 4-10 days, until bubbles form under the scoby.
Directions for flavoring the last batch
1. Add your flavors. (Combinations of fruit, sugarcane, herbs, spices = all good.)
2. Seal the jar completely and let sit from 2 days to 2+ months before drinking.<br></br>
Amara’s favorite Flavor combos
Ginger slices + blueberries
Blackberry + sage, boiled on the stove and cooled.

Jacob’s directions for herbal infusions:
To create a solid herbal brew, bring to a boil and steep the herbs until the water has been reduced to a cup, starting with 2 to 3 cups water initially, depending on your patience.
Once room temperature, put the tea in the container for secondary fermentation and then add the kombucha brew to the herbal tea at the bottom.
Here, you have two options. In order to continue the fermentation process of the herbs, they will ideally be left in the brew either free-floating or in a sachet to which a piece of macerated sugar cane or ginger will be added. This increases the efficacy of the herbal properties while curbing the bitter esters of the herb itself.
Some more earthy flavors, like licorice root or ginseng should be removed after a few days to prevent severe unpalatability.

Mugwort + rosehips
Sassafras + anise + sugarcane
Wormwood + elderflower + sugarcane
Rosemary + Grapefruit, the rosemary removed after 3-4 days

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